Valley United Co-op offers a full-service fertilizer business.  We offer custom blending, custom application and custom impregnation with a full line of agricultural fertilizers.  We currently have four locations that offer these services.

In our Buxton location, we have a 23,300 ton fertilizer storage building.  We have a 150 ton tower with a 14 ton blender and a 200 ton tower with two 14 ton blenders.  We are able to impregnate with labeled products on any fertilizer.  We currently service our growers with six terragators and 12 tender trucks out of this location.  This facility opened in the spring of 2015 and replaced the dry plants in both Buxton and Reynolds.

Our Hatton location has a 2,500 ton storage facility with an 80 ton tower and an 8 ton blender.  We are also able to impregnate labeled products on fertilizer.  We currently have two terragators and four tender trucks that service our growers at this location.

At our Portland facility, we have 1,200 tons of storage, an 80 ton tower with an 8 ton blender.  We are able to impregnate labeled products on fertilizer.  There are two terragators and four tender trucks here to service any of our grower needs.

Our Halstad facility has 6,500 tons of storage with a Ranco declining weight blender. We also have 100 ton overhead storage bins for fast loading of straight product. Six floaters and ten trucks service growers. 

At all of our locations, we are able to offer regular, variable rate application and impregnation services that will exceed your expectations. At Valley United Co-op, we would like to be a part of your operation and help you be successful for years to come.