Reynolds United Co-op Crop Scouting

Services provided by Reynolds United Co-op agronomists to best serve our growers:

  • Crop Scouting
  • Pesticide application recommendations
  • Plant health monitoring
  • Plant nutrient and fertilizer recommendations
  • Plant tissue and soil sampling
  • Digital agronomy services and applications

Tools used by Reynolds United Co-op agronomists to maximize crop potential:

  • R7 Tool by Winfield
  • Climate Fieldview
  • Ag Data Mapping Services (ADMS)
  • Drone Imagery

Benefits of Reynolds United Co-op scouting to a grower:

  • Full season observation by a RUC agronomist of potential weeds, diseases, and insects
  • Detailed information drives timely applications that maximize the grower's ROI
  • Value and peace of mind of timely updates on crop condition
  • Being on the cutting edge of innovative technology and new products
  • Reduction of unnecessary applications and corresponding pesticide costs

Contact your local Reynolds United Co-op Agronomist for more information!